Shih Tzu dog rescue/adoption

9/6/19:  As many of you have seen on our Facebook page and in the news, Copiah Animal Shelter and All About Animals Veterinary Clinic were called in together on an emergency basis to assist Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) with an in-progress rescue of more than 100 Shih Tzu dogs found in a home in our town, Crystal Springs, Mississippi (MS). Copiah Animal Shelter (CAS) took in 48 dogs and 5 kittens from this rescue.

9/18/19:  We are looking forward to a happy and healthy, bright future for these precious pets!  Copiah Animal Shelter is most grateful for the outpouring of caring and support for these special dogs.  Please MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMMITTED to the responsibilities that may be needed before considering adoption!

Copiah Animal Shelter’s (CAS) responsibility is to make the best decisions we can for the animals entrusted to our care.

If you are interested in adopting one of the Shih Tzu from the hoarder/puppy mill case, please read the following information about hoarder/puppy mill dogs. It is vitally important that you read and understand the information and tips shared below. 


· Adopting a dog is a happy event for a person or family. For a dog from a hoarding situation or a puppy mill, this could be a terrifying experience. 

· Most dogs coming from these situations have had very little human contact and most of that contact has been limited to one person and not in a normal loving way. To have a human reaching out to one of these dogs can be frightening and threatening for the dog. 

· These dogs are often unsocialized and neglected

  •  They don’t know how to ask to be let outside for the bathroom as their bathroom is where they eat and sleep. 
  •  They don’t know how to ask for water or walk on a leash or even play with a toy. 
  •  Working with these dogs to help them become loving family members may be an extremely long process.
  •  They usually feel more secure and adjust easier with another dog in the home.

· These dogs are very difficult to house train due to their former living conditions. 

  •  Are you prepared to adopt a dog that may never be completely house broken?  Remember, these dogs have been forced to go to the bathroom where they live, sleep and eat. Their training will  require a lot of patience, and consistent positive reinforcement and must be done with a calm, quiet voice.  

· Behavior changes may be fast, slow, or none at all. 

  •  They may always be nervous and fearful; especially when new people come by, loud unfamiliar noises like vacuum cleaners, television or the washer/dryer.  
  •  They normally bond to only one or two people. Trust may be very slow to develop. They may be uncomfortable being touched. 
  •  These dogs are eight times more likely to have fears and phobias than other dogs. Remember, they have never been given the care and love most pets receive from their person.
  •  Never punish, scold, or raise your voice with a dog coming from an abusive environment. This will very quickly break down the trust in your relationship and can be a huge setback for the dog. Dogs from hoarding or puppy mill situations have special needs and the thought that “all they need is love” is not actually true. They will need a lot of help healing emotionally and building confidence.
  •  Again, treats, positive reinforcement and calmly speaking to the dog all help. There are also several stress reducing products to help your dog adjust.  


· To help with their transition:

  •  Have a space prepared in advance in a quiet area. They will do better in the beginning by having limited space to make them feel safer. We suggest your bedroom with the door closed in the beginning and as the dog adjusts, changing to a doggie gate. 
  •  Set up a wire crate that is large enough so that the dog does not feel confined. Cover the back half or two -thirds of the crate with a blanket, top, back and both sides, leaving the front half uncovered. Place a soft bed area at the back of the crate. This gives them an area to go to if they are feeling frightened or anxious. 

See pdf document with MORE helpful hints for Shih Tzu.


more Shih Tzu Rescue helpful hints

Shih Tzu Rescue helpful hints (pdf)


shih Tzu dog adoption application

Application period ended September 27, 2019

The ADOPTION APPLICATION period for Copiah Animal Shelter Shih Tzu dogs has ended.  After September 27, 2019, a committee will review all applications and contact you if your application is considered.  Thank you all so much for the interest in providing loving homes for these pets!

The adoption donation for a Copiah Animal Shelter Shih Tzu dog is $90. This includes age-appropriate vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchip.  Payable at time of adoption confirmation.

Please follow this ADOPT page here on our website and our Facebook page for ongoing updates. 

Copiah animal shelter pet adoption form

Fill out and email back to CAS:  Or print.

CAS Adoption_Form 1-2019 (pdf)


Pet Adoption Donation

$90 dog and $60 cat.

To pay adoption donation online click on DONATE NOW.  

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