Lost & Found / Incoming Animals

Lost & Found

View and Post your LOST or FOUND pets with photos and descriptions as a visitor on the Copiah Animal Shelter Facebook page:  facebook.com/copiahanimalshelter       @copiahanimalshelter

3/2018:  Look for these pages/groups on Facebook in or around our local Copiah County, Mississippi area:

--  Copiah County lost and found pets

--  Rankin County, MS Lost and found Pets ONLY

--  Lost and Found Pets in Lincoln County, MS

​--  Hinds County PETS (lost & found).   @Hinds County Pets Lost and Found

--  @Lost Dogs Mississippi

-- Mississippi - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets
-- Mississippi Lost & Found Pets
-- CARA - Community Lost and Found Pets.
-- Central Mississippi Missing Pets
-- Mississippi Pet Alert

Be sure to check with area veterinary clinics to see if your animal has been taken there!

Incoming Animals

Copiah Animal Shelter is a small, limited intake volunteer-led animal shelter.  Please, FIRST call the Shelter phone or email CAS to see if we have space available to take in stray and abandoned animals. 


Phone:  601-954-6447

Email:  copiahanimalshelter@yahoo.com

Note the veterinary clinic next door to the Shelter does NOT manage the Shelter's incoming animals.

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