Copiah animal shelter wish list

People often ask us for specific things they can do to help. See the GET INVOLVED page for more ideas, but here's one idea: when you're out shopping, please pick up extra items from the WISH LIST to donate and drop off at the Shelter.  The less money CAS spends on basic supplies, and time shopping, the more available for animal care. And thank you!

-- Bleach

-- Heavy Duty Galvanized Metal or Stainless Steel Water buckets with carry/hanging handles - 5 quart or gallon.  Look for them at Tractor Supply and farm supply or hardware stores. 

​-- Stainless steel pet food bowls, various sizes

--OdoBan Cleaner- available @ Sam's and Home Depot.  

-- Tall Kitchen Trash Bags (13 gallon)

-- Disinfectant wipes

​-- Dog chew toys like Kongs​

-- Postage stamps

-- Dawn dishwashing liquid

-- Laundry detergent

-- Disposable Gloves, medium and large

-- Clorox Wipes​​

​-- We currently do NOT need any blankets or towels - have plenty, thanks!

9/2019: Copiah Animal Shelter's AmazonSmile "Charity List" for specific items available on Amazon. Ships directly to CAS:

Thank you!